Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook - The book fiber geeks need!

If you can't have all the cool sheep and you don't have the bucks to visit all the cool sheep then you need to get this book!  Deb Robson and Carol Ekarius have done the footwork, washed all the fleeces, and made all the samples... Plus... they got to meet and photograph Many Many of the worlds most fabulous sheep (and some other fibery animal friends).  This is an amazing reference and just a shear (pun intended) joy to read.  I just wish I could hang out with all the sheep and pet them up close.  I'm odd that way. :)

This book is available here and other places (linked on that very page!).

If you want to keep up with Deb (and she is so much fun to read on her blog)... Go visit her at  She also has an expounding article on the SOAY sheep in Spin-Off Magazine this month!!!  This includes more information (and more photos) than appear in her book.  I love the Soay Sheep, one of the rare breeds.

Here is a blog of someone who raises them (How I wish I could go and play!!!)  The lambs are just adorable (yes, I know all lambs are adorable), but the eyes on these are just beautiful.  I wonder if anyone would notice me carry one off on a plane in my carry on??? They are not that large.  Well, wishful thinking aside, the Soay are simply an amazing breed and quite ancient.  Another post on them another time.

I've been learning about sheep for years and I feel more than spoiled to have this book right in front of me on the table just Tempting me to spend a little more time before I pop off to sleep...reading about all the possibilities. ahhhh.  Thank you so much to Deb and Carol!!!

Another Book Review of her book is at :