Saturday, October 19, 2013

Please go to my new blog!!!! Fiber Forays

Please click the link and you will automatically be transferred to my new blog: 

  Fiber Forays

Hope to see you soon!!!!

MOVING!!! A change of pace.. A change of Place

                                           Photo by Jaime Gage-Chavez Photography

My name for those that don't know me is Ercil Howard-Wroth.  I never mentioned it, because I felt my work was more important than my name, but I'm doing more, teaching more and since I've met many of you... I want you to meet me!  

I've been remiss in keeping up my blog.. famous words.. but it is true and I've found that Social Media is time consuming.  I'm making some choices.. LESS facebook, more blogging, More Fiber (always better), and Moving myself forward.  It will take some work to get my new page fine tuned and running so bear with me as I learn a new system.

Since I cannot change the name of this blog or the web address I am moving to a new blog!  Drumroll.......                                                          Mixed-Up Melange is Moving to:

                              Fiber Forays

If you click above you will automatically be transferred there.  However the actual address is:


I hope you will follow me there! I will shortly be going to Peru for the Tinkuy de Tejedores (The Gathering of Weavers) and I will be blogging about it there.   See you soon!!!