Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just lazing about...

After the long scarf project and the stress of a deadline I put myself on a fiber vacation... yup, simple spinnin' fer me. So I just picked something colorful that someone else had processed, dyed, and put out there for happy hands. I picked a lovely optim skein from Chameleon Colorworks. Great fabulous colors. I think this colorway is 'Figgy Pudding'. I looked at many of her colorways in each fiber and I chose one from each... without checking the name.. who cares about a name after all... it is the fiber color that counts, right... Each one looked different to me. It was so funny... They were the same colorway each time only different in Border Leicester, Merino, and Optim. At least I'm consistent.

Spin optim sometime. It is just like butter and pre-drafted spins like frog's hair. I'm loving it. Just sitting back and spinning. I suppose the yarn will find a purpose. I'm almost half done (further than the photo indicates), then the other half, then plying and who knows... And guess what... I don't have to worry about the time! Whenever is fine. True process,,, thank goodness.

Hope you have a great week. It's June!!! I wonder what my niece is doing today in Greece?


Anonymous said...

Wow, wow! Now that is some beautiful and inspirational fiber and spinning.

Ellen Shipley said...

Luv the colors! 8-]