Monday, December 06, 2010

It's been awhile...

For some fun I will post this photo that I love. Corrupt them while they're young.

Time is a problem... not having enough of it, ever. I always need just one more day even when I'm doing well on time management. The fact that my time is not really my own means that at any time any thing can happen... and often does. And then there is FaceBook... and I have a farm on FB with sheep of my very own (and some llamas, reindeer, and assorted chickens... and a dog) well, a fair number of critters, but please, it was not having sheep of my own that did me in. The area I live in will not allow a sheep or chickens even if I hide them. If they find them on your property it is a $500 per day fine and they aren't messing around. Hence my somewhat obsession with my farm on fb. And I found out that I could communicate with loads of people I care about, but just don't have time to call and ask, 'how are you doing?'. However, you can hang out there for hours and hours wasting precious time. It is addictive and one has to police one's self (and one's children).

Here I am pining away for my blog and all the fibery goodness I can spill out onto its ethery pages. So I am stepping a little bit away from the obsession with FB (I will still take care of my sheep). I need to focus my goals for myself and my own work and figure out some things ... like.. what do I want to do when I grow up or perhaps when my children grow up??? And when will that be? I need to lay some groundwork now. I need energy and I need focus. I am hoping to find both in quantities greater than I have now.

Tomorrow I will post some of what I have been up to this past year... since the year is quickly coming to a year.

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