Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saying merely "Yarn" is not enough

The idea of blogging has intrigued me for some time.  At first I thought... too much time.  I should take that time and use it to make things, but I have this little problem with >finishing things<, if I have a nemesis that one would be high on my list.  Eventually, I got a bit curious and started reading blogs here and there, noticing what people did with their blogs, and actually asking one or two... why do you do that.  My initial thought was to use my blog as therapy for my own grieving process and to not forget after my father died.  Then I added to that the idea of Keeping track of projects and recording finished items.  It really does help.

But then As I read more and more I discovered that people are eloquent. People are out there making a difference. People are inspiring others to act, to create, to participate in the conversation that is life.

I have much to learn on the technical side, but I have decided that these things are all important to me.

I think one of the most inspiring people whose blog I visit regularly... just to hang out, because she doesn't live anywhere close to getting together for coffee or lunch; is Abby. Her blog is 'Abby's Yarns'. She makes yarns and she tells yarns. But saying merely 'Yarn' is not enough. Here is one of my favorites or her yarns. It tells much about her, where she comes from, and why what she does gifts all of us in some fashion.

'A first Look at Something Huge':

So to say that the Yarns she tells are merely yarns by the fire is lyrical, but does not give them the warmth and eloquence they deserve. She engages and brings us all into the circle. She helps us all join the dance. Abby spins out to us flowing as the Andean Women dance and spin in the same moment. I missed spending time with her at SOAR and I won't do that again.

Now I did not speak about the physical manifestations of Abby's yarn. Again to say merely 'yarn' is a misnomer. I was so inspired by some of her posts that I had to visit her so I went and bought some of her yarn. Well, it hasn't arrived yet since I bought it yesterday online, but her colors are brilliant. Color is seductive and one has to know how to use it. Abby doesn't need lessons. She has color and she uses it. The combination of her spun-a-licious yarn and her seductive use of color can be too much even for the experienced spinner-knitter-weaver. It was too much, I was overcome and well, I a little less cash, but I am rich rich RICH... for I have more than merely yarn coming soon to a mailbox near me.

Of course except for the orange bit... I don't have anything close to a plan to use it.

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