Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Small Things Exchange

I belong to a wonderful list filled with fiber folk who have been talking online for simply years. This year I got brave (cause I really can finish the odd thing) ;), and I signed up for the 'Small Things Exchange'. At the time it was January so I made a small pair of mitts with bright colors to encourage spring to peek out and arrive. (So many of our members live on mountaintops, cold areas of this and other countries. Spring is a visitor they wait for and welcome). The first photo is 'in progress'. The second and third are finished, YEA!!! I am waiting to see what might come my way, when we are finally mailed our exchange items. (I should say that, YES, I did do two mitts, not just the one in the picture. The other hand held the camera!).

A small Things Exchange is not as daunting as say 'lace shawl' or other crazy intense item exchange. It is just right for me or anyone else wanting to participate, but overwhelmed by the idea of a giant item to be made. It is a good way to participate in a creativity exchange. Always a good thing to try out.

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