Friday, May 15, 2009

Frantically working and doing everything else

Two kids and you know that you have loads to do besides the uh, fiber things you love. (I love the kids too, but the cooking and laundry sometimes get me down). However, the deadline looms in one short week (and it really is short since the deadline is Wednesday and today is Friday). So here is some work I've done and haven't posted yet.

I have been diligently combing out Curly's fleece and spinning it up. Last night I got the two bobbins plied. I think I plied and plied and plied for what felt like forever. I won't have pix of the yarn until next week since I loaned my daughter my camera to take to her cousin's college Graduation. (only sending two of the four of us).

Here is Curly fleece prior to combing a bit plucked out.

Here is Curly on the bobbin becoming yarn. Really a lovely fleece to spin up.

I will post something else a bit later.

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