Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hippo Birdie two Ewes...

Hippo Birdie two Ewes... Well,Happy Birthday to me at any rate... I'm not yet at the half century mark, but I'm seriously working on it.... And by the by there was cake at hand tonight and such cake it was that I must share it with you. (I also have lovely flowers, I will photograph and post tomorrow). ;)

Yes, this is the cake... chocolate with rasberry filling and chocolate ganache, as well as a butter cream rose and buttercream dots.

Here you go, have a piece and wish for more Happy Birthdays (and many good things, fibery among them).

Until next time... happy fibery days... ;)


kim said...

Happy birthday Ercil!

Hope you have a wonderful day. That cake looks divine; now I need to stop at the bakery when I go out for lunch! I will eat cake in your honor, even if I can't do it with you.

cayswann said...

*squee* Happy Birthday, Astridr!! Love and affection, Eilidh*Cat

Astrid said...

Thank You both!!! Cake is good. ;)