Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Medieval Image of the Day

Here we have a Queen and one of her best friends weaving together... I wonder what they are saying to one and other.... Have you seen the new Star Trek Movie? nope, I will weave until lunch and then I'm meeting a knight at the Willow tree in the garden. I'm going to read poetry to him. He's going to learn to spin... Uh huh, well, what do you think???


cayswann said...

*heh heh* I love the running chatter commentary! :)

Our Queen? It might go like this: "So did you see that shot I delivered on the field today? Totally took that scenario! Oh, and I got to buffet Sir Christian in court, that completely rocked!" "Verily, Your Majesty, thou art a fine and powerful knightly queen!"

Astrid said...

Completely, Our Queen ;)