Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Irons in the pot

When I get a bit of time to download I will be able to catch up with photos at least. Here's to say that I have just a few irons in the pot.

I've got two mini-tapestry studies going with some fair to middlin' sketches for the future.

I have a purely white piece off the loom that is small and was a giant warp end not used and forgotton... it will have a new life as a shibori dye experiment probably for the Fiber Retreat in May unless I do it at home first (I can be sooo impatient).

I took a great class with Sharon Alderman at ASCH at the beginning of March and I am almost done with the samples for the cloth I designed. I am very excited to get it off the little loom.

I have done a fair amount of spinning from the truly fun Louet pencil rovings. I have two bobbins left to ply of one. I bought about 3 or 4 colorways of the stuff... color seduces, what can I say.

I have to get some spinning done for the dyepots at the Griffin Dyeworks fiber retreat in May. I'm teaching there, but I get some time for my own dye samples (yea!). It will be a wonderful time. I can't wait.

I have a class at an elementary school coming up in April to prep for. I'll be teaching their Gifted and Talented kids -- natural dyes, spinning, and some basic weaving.

I have also really worked very hard at my tablet weaving, which I can now say is respectable (at long last). I have two inkle looms with work ongoing, one twinkle loom (fun little loom), and one box loom on order from the Spanish Peacock. I can't wait for that one. I did see that Glimakra has a GREAT band loom for sale now - and it comes incredibly close to re-creating the early middle ages band looms. Very very cool!

Oh, and there is knitting.... yes well, it travels pretty well. I expanded my horizons and am trying some more complicated socks. Mitts-are-me this year. Sadly, the dog got to one of my daughter's mitts -- she was so sad, but if I cut it down to just under half, I should be able to rescue it. (I really will have to tell the tale of this dog and hand knit items!) Makes me cry almost.

I am committed to doing better at the blog work. It is truly worthwhile.

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