Saturday, March 28, 2009

Much of it Weft something to be desired...

So the sample did make it off the table loom and I'm contemplating which part will make it to fabric. Strangely it seems that the last bit I did using a black for the weft is probably going to be my preference. It was not my plan initially to even use the black, but it was the last little bit of warp left to squeeze something in so I thought, why not for fun. The thing is that the warp is made up of a lovely set of yarns of various colors and the other wefts sort of swallowed it and the subtlety of the yarns were lost.

I did three different warp colorways, two different threadings, and 7 1/2 weft colors. Sometimes I have trouble narrowing things down.

The stark contrast of the black really worked for me, plus I love black. Black being a conglomeration of all colors and color being works.

I did try white(which was ok, but not my aesthetic) and the green solid weft worked well so the choices are really the green solid or the black for weft. er... maybe the blue???

As to the two differently threaded drafts... I think the larger because depending on which way one looks at it, there are two patterns... somewhat Escher-like.

At any rate, the more I look at it ... I might have to stop looking for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Ercil - I like the second picture... it's very subtly patterned. Su