Thursday, April 16, 2009

Becoming Yarn

Here it is ... first two bobbins combed and spun (but not plied)(yet). Sooooo what does anyone think? Let me preface this by saying that I knew that the Karakul was a hairy fleece. I knew that it has been used for carpets. And yet,,, I kept petting those locks and said, but but but... It was also the only fleece I had at the time. Now these ancient breeds were often double coated and karakuls certainly are one of this category. So I elected to spin the soft undercoat and the hairy over coat together to try and get a softer yarn.

While it is softer... I am not sure it is soft enough for a scarf. So I have about 2/3's of the fleece left pick, comb, and spin. I am thinking of separating the two coats and spinning the soft undercoat for the rest of the yarn. I'll decide this tomorrow after I ply the bobbins and wash & set a sample of the yarn.

And this leads to an important point. It is all to the good to make what one has work. And it is even better to have 3 or 4 fleeces show up to have a backup plan. It is incredibly important to take the time to make samples. I sincerely hope that I have enough time to wash and spin enough of the other fleeces to sample and then I hope I have time to actually you know, weave.... (for which I will sample as well)(already started on that by using a commercial yarn to test a pattern) (Yeah well, it is on the warping board, but what with school, homework, children, meal time and laundry... (and did I mention dogs?) We shall see what will come.

And even if I don't make my deadline for the Spin-Off Scarf competition in honor of the International Year of the Natural Fiber (not making it up... go google it- United Nations)... it will be the process of doing, the experience, the learning, and I will know I did my part to support the natural fiber farmers and their fabulous sheep. (did I ever mention I am partial to sheep?). And of course any finished object is a good object. ;)

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