Thursday, April 16, 2009

Medieval Image of the Day

We interrupt for a little visual distraction. ;)

One of my all time favorite images from the Luttrell Psalter,an illuminated manuscript written and illustrated circa 1325 – 1335 c.e. When you look at a facsimile of this image, one can see a spinning stick in her hand. She uses the spinning stick to turn the wheel. This would keep the wheel clean and free of grease for the hand.

Above is a close up of the spinner in the picture. If you look closely at the hand spinning the wheel, you will see the stick she uses to turn it.

This is a project to re-create the Luttrell Psalter in a living history fashion. There are some other videos. I had heard they would market the entire project, but have not seen or researched the outcome. This seen is two women going to the sheep byre. A few sheperds, milking of the sheep (Lincoln Longwool)and of course SHEEP! Watch until the end when the sheep get to leave the byre and frolic about. (LOVE the fleece!).

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