Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Medieval Image of the Day

So since it has been a spinning kind of day the image of the day will reflect it.

This image is from 1237 ce from Baghdad. It is titled 'Al Makamat'. It pictures a mother and her son talking to a merchant or visitor.

This type of wheel still exists in other places such as India. Do not automatically suppose that the western great wheel evolved from this wheel. While we can postulate that this might have been part of evolutionary process of the western European wheel, it is equally as likely that this image and the wheels in use that it represented had nothing to do with our Western European wheels. These could equally have developed from the Silk reel as it entered into Spain and Italy. Of course we don't know, we can only guess. We can trace a path of where things occurred and the evidence of when the great wheel appeared in Europe, but the reality is that we do not know. It is all an educated guess. Just some food for thought. Enjoy the image.

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