Monday, April 13, 2009

Totally Jazzed - Completely excited!!!

Well, I've been ploughing through the karakul and I love its locks, but I've been impatient because the bag just seemed somewhat endless.

I am now DONE with washing the Karakul. The last bit is drying and I've started spinning up the combed top I've been working on from previously washed (last week)locks.

And when it has dried, I've been combing it out. I will post the spinning pix tomorrow, because I want to take them in good light.

This is the combed tops all in a row. Very sweet.

And It's a good thing that I finished washing today since.... drum roll.... the 3 fleeces I purchased from the fabulous Myrtle Dow of Black Pines Farm arrived yesterday! I opened them.. yes inside... I don't mind the smell of fleece (or sheep), but that is not how my husband and kids feel. Suffice it to say that they did not share the same joy as me when I opened my bag'O fleece. Yes, inside the bag were 2 wensleydale fleeces and one teeswater fleece. I have one more fleece coming from Desert Weyr of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.

After all this I better have all that I need for the Spin-Off scarf contest. Lots of fleece to wash, but it is loverly, lucious, incredible fleece. Myrtle was kind enough to send me one of her show fleeces, a black lamb Wensleydale.

Both Oogie from Desert Weyr and Myrtle from Black Pines Sheep have diligently worked to propagate special rare and/or endangered sheep Breeds.
Oogie has been instrumental in bringing in the Black Welsh Mountain Sheep and has the largest flock in the United states I believe. Myrtle has worked for years on the Karakul breed and the Wensleydale breed. She also breeds Teeswater and CVM. I think it is important for hand spinners and hand weavers to work to help support these breeds as well. This is one reason for my personal choices of which fleeces to use.

Believe me if I had the space, I would have more fleeces of all sorts, more looms, more wheels, more stash. But the truth is I don't own a barn or a studio ... lol... If I had a barn I might get sheep!

More tomorrow... it is time for this little fiber fiend to go to bed.


Carolyn said...

Wow, sounds like you're set!!

Astrid said...

Thanks Carolyn,
I hope I am set. My fiber cup certainly seems to be running over. Even my son commment to me that he thought we had too much wool in the house. Wow, he never said that before, but then I did have wool drying everywhere and that is picked up now. ;) Thanks for visiting.