Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look what Leslie found when she got home...

My fabulous friend Leslie has a little farm. She has really beautiful chickens and 3 pygora goats and then she brought home Rorie, who was expecting. She came home yesterday to Rorie in labor. First she brought forth this little guy.

And then Mom had another (cause two are better than one... right). At any rate I haven't heard what their names might be, but Mom and babies are doing well. Leslie seems to be doing great too. ;)

I love spring and the time when lambs are born and baby kids. I love the plants bending a stem to push through the earth and the amazing colors of green that exist even in the desert.

AND my other friend Pat, has a mare that had this little guy, Bentley.

Bentley is trying to convince his Mom that his hooves do NOT have to touch the ground and he can too fly!

The hard thing about all of this is that almost all of my friends live you know... hours or days or even a week's drive away. Can I go have coffee with Leslie and pet the babies? Sigh... I must work at this.

However, that said... Happy Spring!

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