Sunday, April 19, 2009

Could I possibly learn to count?....

So Sunday is a day of rest ... right... absolutely, no laundry, no vacumning... no 'Work'. Right, I played all day. I scoured/washed fleece all afternoon. (and Yesterday afternoon (although, yesterday it was intermixed with cleaning the patio)).

So I posted earlier today.. 2 down and 2 to go... Hard that since I have '5' fleeces.. Yes folks, the hot water has scalded my little brain. I cannot count. However, I am pleased to report that I have scoured 3 fleeces and have 2 left! Light at the end of the tunnel (the tunnel of washing that is).

The thing is that I am tightly focused on a goal and the deadline is May 20th... well the entry in the hands ON May 20th so If I look at my calendar that means I have to mail it Sat May 16 or express mail it on Monday, May 18th. So that means I'll be express mailing it... I will not even toy with you to think that I would even think myself capable of not sending it in at the last possible minute!

So another discovery is that if one works with fleece all day, one can come out smelling like a sheep. It was very warm today. Really, I'm out in Southern CA and it was in the low 80's today. (please don't throw tomatoes, I'm sorry it isn't that warm where you are right now). So working hard carrying around various stages of clean and dirty fleece ... the fleece and I started to smell the same, except that sadly I smelled more like it than it smelled like me. Nope I could not start dinner without showering first. My son even told me I smelled like a sheep (in the nicest possible way). Poor guy. He really didn't mean anything by it, but by the end of the fleece scouring I had to agree. I also thought that tonight I didn't need to get into my bed smelling like this. So no harm done, I was forced to take a nice hot shower. Yea!

My fleecy accomplishments are 1 karakul -- 1 black welsh mountain sheep -- 1 teeswater. All three washed. I think one develops a rhythm to all of it and so the more you do, the faster it goes. Even with all this washed I have this inner fear peeking out every now and again saying... do you really have enough time for this? I mean a scarf?, but said scarf must be fleece to scarf. I suppose I could design it using natural color, but no.... noooooooo... I must make it as complicated as possible. That's right, I will be naturally dyeing certain portions of the yarn (when it becomes MORE yarn). All natural this scarf -- it's in da rules -- It is after all the International Year of the Natural Fiber.

Yup, and then I get to warp and weave...and I didn't say one other little thing... I am actually planning a 2nd scarf, because one should really have TWO entries or even THREE... I'm a little nuts on this, Well, we'll see. I have actually gotten the design work done on 3 separate scarves. They lend themselves to so much, because they are limited canvases. I will post the designs with the scarves,,, I don't want to jinx myself. Meanwhile, you can see ALLLLLLLL the processing. I will post fleece pictures and their washing on another post. I hope to be spinning tonight. Wash during the day and use the sun as a dryer, spin at night - watch a move... oh, I forgot I have a significant amount of combing to do too!

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