Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Medieval Image of the Day: An Image In Honor of Sheep, Baaaaa

This is 'Aries' from Les Belle Heures -- Yes, it is the representation of a ram in an astrological symbol, so I know what that means... you want another depiction of a medieval sheep!!! I knew it... ok, whatever you want ;)

(NOTE: You do know that you can click the image to enlarge it) ;)

This image of a sheep is from the Luttrell Psalter (and the image is from the British Library). (sorry about the image size, I will try to find an enlargement). This sheep (at bottom of the image) is not a Karakul (note the wave of the fleece - not the lock structure of the Karakul. And they did differentiate in depiction of lock structure. It is one way that we can trace the geneology of sheep.. well, well that too is for another post. ;) At any rate I hope you enjoy the images today. And have a great Holiday weekend. Whatever you might be celebrating I hope it includes good friends and good food.

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